The key to maintain a long distance biker relationship

You put yourself out there and have successfully found another single Harley riders or meet local bikers and singles. There you are, ready to begin your brand new relationship with your like minded Harley motorcycle enthusiast, but what if you are in a long distance relationship? Which means the daily routine for Harley couples such as chasing sunset together on a Harley Davidson bike and go to a movie with your male Harley motorcycle rider or female Harley motorcycle rider can be considered as a luxury. Therefore long distance relationship is simply a big no-no or even a taboo for a huge number of single Harley riders. However, take a look first at what we call essential points about long distance relationship and 3 expert tips on maintaining a long-lasting long distance biker relationship featured by Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.

1. Always keep an end goal in mind
Here is the main factor that keeps an long distance relationship going-always have the light at the end of a tunnel-to be more specific, set a goal or a date when you know you are going to overcome the geographical obstacles and meet your male Harley rider or female Harley rider. It can be a romantic memory or even a great story to share with your grandchildren when counting months, weeks, days and hours together with your special Harley rider. Without an agreed goal or the so-called light in heart, it is not surprising that a Harley motorcycle couple will eventually drift apart.

2. There are also some positive aspects about long distance relationship
Rarely do any Harley motorcycle lover choose to be in a long distance relationship on purpose because of the inconvenience and hardships to maintain the connection. But, on the other side, it is just because of the obstacles and difficulties that a regular biker couple wouldn’t encounter, and yet, you are courageous enough to agree to be involved in a long distance relationship because you know from deep in heart that it is the right Harley motorcycle partner that you might end up with eventually!

3. Just put everything on the table
So you are in a long distance relationship, whether it is planned, accidental or spontaneous, keep in mind that you always have to address the elephant in the room instead of playing games. You are already apart physically with your beloved Harley rider, don’t let any vague feelings get in the way of your love journey! The best way to maintain a long distance relationship is to be blunt and straightforward with your Harley motorcycle partner in order to let him/her know what’s the next step to keep the relationship alive. Even when you are facing the worst case scenario where the feelings is not mutual anymore, dross all the hard feeling, let along hiding them by avoiding routine calls, be honest and take a hard look at your relationship, and then, most importantly, have a sincere conversation with your Harley rider while embracing all the possibilities.

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